Proclaimers of the Word

 It is a great honor to be able to proclaim the word of God!  Our parish is always looking for more lectors.  If you would like to be a lector, contact Monsignor Ginty at 203-879-2544.

Lectors proclaim the first reading, usually from the Old Testament, and the second reading, usually from the Epistles.  Readings are from the New American Bible translation.

Lectors use the Workbook for Lectors, Gospel Readers, and Proclaimers of the Word from Liturgy Training Publications for guidance.  This workbook lists everything the lector would read, and provides guidance as to pronunciation, inflection and especially meaning and emotion.  Lectors may practice the readings by using this workbook, provided by the parish.  If a lector does not have a copy of this workbook, the readings may be found at the USCCB website.

Lector Schedule

Lectors request to read at the mass dates and times of their choice by using an online scheduling system. 


Online Giving

Online Giving

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